Presentation of the activity

You can now sail modern dinghies inside the Palm Jumeirah!
Our fleet of boats include the RS Quba, RS Feva, RS Tera and Laser Pico

Get the whole family into sailing with this compact boat that offers beautiful, easy handling with a host of features that make it a class leader.
More and more families, sailing schools and holiday fleets are switching to the RS boats – They are simply the best and least technical boats out there!

Our most tried boat, the RS Feva is the most modern and unique sailboat in the world. Simply great sailing! For adults, it is a lively and competent small sailboat to enjoy with friends.

Rentals of 1h (Basic instruction on land)
RS Tera/ Rs Quba/ Laser Pico (Kid or adult)
– 1 rental: AED 150
– 5 rentals: AED 675
– 10 rentals : AED 1,200
RS Feva (1 kid and 1 adult or only 1 adult)
– 1 rental: AED 165
– 5 rentals: AED 740
– 10 rentals : AED 1,320

Lessons of 1h (With instructor)
Cost per lesson:
– 1 lesson: AED 230
– 5 lessons: AED 1,035
– 10 lessons: AED 1,955


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