Presentation of the activity

Our weekend kids sailing classes run every weekend throughout the season. There are 4 stages (Level
1, 2, 3 & 4) depending on the child’s experience.
A trial class is recommended to asses you child’s ability before putting them into the right class.
The children will go through various obstacles during the term from learning how to rig the boat,
sailing upwind and downwind, understanding wind direction, familiarizing parts of the
boat/catamaran, boat capsize, sailing solo and in pairs and more...

On a personal level, we teach kids to gain more confidence on the water and build belief. Teach how
to handle difficult or stressful situations as a solo sailor or in pairs, working well in groups by sailing
and maneuver the boat as a group (3 or 4)

At the end of every term, kid’s skills are tested and we host a mini regatta followed by prize ceremony
and certificates.