2015 Starboard Quad 94 CCS Carbon

AED 4,290.00


The Quads are Starboard’s most versatile wave boards.

The unique shape and the four fins generate maximum drive and acceleration, bringing an awesome production of speed, flow and power to your sailing in all wave & wind combinations.
Stable and extremely responsive, the Quads are most rewarding when driven off the rails for powerful yet smooth turns. The four-fin grip gives a very connected sensation to the wave yet they still have the ability to lose the tail when extended through the lip for a rotational move.

For 2015, subtle changes producing significant differences in performances have been introduced on three models in the range.

Ultra-light Slot Box 10 used for all four fin boxes for minimal clutter and “plug&play” performance. New CNC G-10 Drake Natural Wave fins. Plugs are provided for a twin fin setup.







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